The Boneyard Creation Museum is a non-profit educational museum located in Broken Bow, Nebraska for the purpose of displaying scientific evidence for creation and showing the difference between evolution and creation.  We believe in the accuracy of the Bible and firmly believe that the earth is thousands of years old, not billions.  The museum has many fossil and replica displays highlighting the many problems that evolution has with such theories as the origin of life, the Cambrian Explosion, Mt. St. Helens, mutations, living fossils, transition fossils, whale evolution, spontaneous generation, DNA, radioactive dating, human evolution, homologous structures, vestigial organs, and more.

There is a Gift & Rock Shop with creation books, souvenirs, and lots of rocks & fossils available for purchase. 




Steve Sommer is the owner of the Boneyard Creation Museum.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology, taught science to high schoolers for 8 years, has been a Creationist for 30+ years, and has spoken on the topic of Creationism in Nebraska and the surrounding states for the last several years.  He has spoken at churches, Bible Camps, home school groups, and even in public schools.  Contact him today to see about scheduling him!

Site last updated February 2018

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